About Me

Hi, my name is Anthony Ritchie.

I am a professional photographer from Griffith NSW Australia.

My love of photography was handed down to me by my grandfather, a keen amateur photographer. The Kodachrome Kid I call him for his love of Kodachrome slides, and the many hours he spent projecting them.

I will take photos of anything (except my family who won’t allow me to take their pictures unless I say it for some auspicious occasion, like their mother wants it). I do a lot of landscape and I work on trying to create at least one entry for the National Photographic Portrait Prize each year.

I do buy a lot of photobooks, from Nan Gouldin to the Magnum “Contact Sheets”. I don’t feel that you can ever have enough inspiration.

My favourite form of the art of photography is photojournalism and documentary – basically photographing life.

Thanks for reading