Working With Children.

I had a family photoshoot just before Xmas. My family, so you would have thought they would get the point and do their utmost to make it pain-free and quick.

Oh to my horror what I thought would be one of my most easy photoshoots turned into a partial disaster. It started when I dropped my camera and bent the lens out of shape. I fixed it but it gave me the worst panic attack. Next was the photoshoot 7 kids and a handful of adults wow, I could not for the love of me get them to look all the same way at once.

Let it be said it wasn’t my finest hour when I went back and looked at the images. It was at that point the adage ‘to not work with animals and children’ came and sat in my head. I now understand that.

I am so glad that my family hates me taking their pictures so I will probably not have to do it again (I will give them the phone numbers of other professional photographers).

I love my family my partners kids and our grandkids. But hell

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