I am working on a photo book about addiction. I feel that as a recovering addict, I have the insight and sensitivity to do this the justice it deserves.

What is addiction:

Addiction is when you have a strong physical or psychological need or urge to do something or use something. It is a dependence on a substance or activity even if you know that it causes you harm. It can impact your daily life.

The people that I am looking for can be either recovering or in active addiction as long as they are comfortable with talking about addiction and their lives and being photographed.

My general idea about the layout of the book is maybe two portraits and the person’s story, as a written piece, about their life.

Some of the addictions that people may have are sex, gambling, substances, video gaming, and shopping to name just a small number.

If you feel that you would like to connect with me and work on this project then go to my Facebook Page and contact me either with a DM or the phone number on the page.

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